Suitable for all divers

Travel time: approximately 1 hour from Puerto Ayora (car + boat)

Difficulty: Low. Seymour is a good site for both beginners and experienced divers. The currents can go from moderate to strong at times.
The topography of this place consists of gradual steps from the coastline of the island to a rocky reef that is around 8 meters deep. The bottom is sandy and it is 16-18 meters deep. Diving here provides a great opportunity to observe white tip sharks and sea turtles. There is also the possibility of observing hammerhead sharks swimming through the channel or at the point. Schools of barracuda and snapper and the rocks provide an excellent environment to search for camouflaged octopuses. One of the main attractions of this place are the schools of eagle rays that glide through the channel, sometimes joined by mobulas or mantas.