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Santa Cruz is an island in Ecuador's Galapagos National Park. It is known for the sandy beaches like El Garrapatero. The city of Puerto Ayora is the tourist center of the archipelago. Here, the Charles Darwin Research Station has a breeding program for the endangered giant tortoises, which live in a wild environment in the El Chato Reserve. Tortuga Bay attracts sea turtles and marine iguanas. Inside, there are the volcanic calderas of Los Gemelos and a lava tunnel.

San Cristóbal is the easternmost island of the Galapagos Islands archipelago, in Ecuador.

its official and Spanish name, 'San Cristóbal', comes from the patron saint of sailors, San Cristóbal (Christopher). Its old English name, Chatham, came from William Pitt (the Elder), 1st Earl of Chatham; while in 1832, when Ecuador took possession of the archipelago, it received the name of "Isla Mercedes" in honor of the wife of President Juan José Flores: Mercedes Jijón de Vivanco.

San Cristóbal has an area of ​​558 km² and its highest point rises to 730 meters above sea level. The capital of the archipelago, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, 

It was named in honor of Queen Isabella I of Castile, who sponsored the voyage of Christopher Columbus. In English it is also known as Albemarle, after the Duke of Albemarle.

It has a population of 2200 inhabitants. The highest point is the Wolf volcano, which reaches 1707 meters above sea level, being one of the six volcanoes (Ecuador, Wolf, Darwin, Alcedo, Sierra Negra and Cerro Azul) found on Isabela Island (five of them are active) . The shape of the island is due to the merger of these six large volcanoes into a single mass. This island is the only one of the Galapagos that is crossed by the line of Ecuador.

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