Interislands transportation

The interisland transport

It is the only means of transportation that connects between the populated islands, Santa Cruz, which is the island that is in the middle of the entire archipelago, is the island from where you can take ferries to the other populated islands such as Isabela Island and San Cristobal Island.
The departure times are established and regulated by the Ministry of Transport and the municipality of each island, for which the schedules are fixed. The morning ferries are at 7:00 AM (AM) and in the afternoon they are at 3:00 PM (PM). It is necessary to be half an hour before the time established for checks and regulatory processes before boarding.
The public transport service does not include the payment of $1 dollar for use of the pier and the payment of the water taxi services, which takes you from the pier to the boat.

Boat routes

A very important point is that there are no boats that transport directly from Isabela Island to Cristóbal or vice versa, the only way to travel is to stop on Santa Cruz Island. The routes between islands of the boats are the following: