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Gordon Rocks Diving from Santa Cruz Island

Description Tour in Gordon Rocks.

Gordon Rocks is an exciting point of any diving experience in the Galapagos Islands. This is the top of a submerged cone at the northeast end of Santa Cruz Island. It is sometimes referred to as "the washing machine" for good reason. The northern rocks and their surroundings are what remains of a caldera. Under the water there are submerged pinnacles and a channel between which very strong currents are created, there is no depth, so this site is an advanced dive site

Location: Gordon Rocks is one of the best dive sites in the central islands. It is an eroded crater at the top of a cone. Near the east coast of the island of Santa Cruz, 2 dive sites located 45 minutes from the Itabaca Channel (north side of Santa Cruz Island).

Conditions of the place: This rock formation is a world-renowned site for intermediate and advanced divers, due to the strong currents and waves.

Diving North Seymour & Mosquera from Santa Cruz Island

Description of North Seymour

The North Seymour topography consists of gradual steps off the coast of the island with a proximity of 8 meters to a beautiful rock reef, before reaching the sandy bottom at 16 - 18 meters. The daily Galapagos Diving Seymour tour offers the opportunity to swim with many white and black tip reef sharks, as well as being a favorite resting place for large numbers of green sea turtles. Although Seymour does not have the notoriety of hammerhead sharks. Large schools of barracuda, snapper and other reef fish are also in abundance, and the rocky reef is a great place to look for the mostly well-camouflaged octopus. Eagle rays glide through the channel along the sand, occasionally accompanied by devils and manta rays.

Location: North of Santa Cruz Island, 2 excellent dive sites located 30 minutes from the Itabaca Channel (north side of Santa Cruz Island).

Conditions of the place: For all levels of divers, although sometimes there can be strong currents. Reef platforms with a diversity of species.

Diving  at Kicker Rock   (León Dormido)

Description of Leon Dormido From San Cristobal Island.

DEPARTURE TIME 08:30 a.m.       -      APPROXIMATE RETURN 03:30 p.m.

The tour departs from the Puerto Baquerizo Moreno dock at 08:30 am, accompanied by two bilingual Dive Master guides and a Naturalist Guide from the Galapagos Marine Reserve.

We start with a walk along the west coast of San Cristóbal Island where you can relax until we reach our first stop on the tour, "don't relax too much", during the tour there are chances to appreciate various species of animals, see jump some stingrays, dolphins, turtles, whales and various birds.

In León Dormido we made two dives.

Then we disembark on a beach where you can walk through the mangroves or snorkel before returning to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

It should be noted that the conditions in León Dormido are different every day, that is, it is not always possible to see all the species mentioned above.